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My Singleness Model Is Not
Defective...Just Choosy!

By Hopelyn West-Smith
About This Book:

"Blessed, favored, strong, passionate, resourceful, visionary, engaging speaker, extremely
hilarious and down-to-earth are some of the words that I can use to describe her. Hopelyn is an
incredibly prayerful, God-fearing woman.  Her sincere compassion for seniors and heart for youths
are evident in the lives of many she has touched.

Now venturing into writing, there is no doubt that her message will transcend the very pages upon
which it was printed.  The title of the book, My Singleness Model Is Not Defective, stems from a real
place in her life. Being involved in the Single's Ministry, Hopelyn modeled her singleness as
someone being whole, complete and without defect.  Reading this book, you will get to know who
Hopelyn is, as her personality illuminates each page.

Hopelyn is a newlywed, enjoying her new life with her husband, Devon Smith (Pastor of Community
Fellowship Church), in Florida."

—Gloria Evans
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Take Back Your Spiritual Identity:
Know Who You Are in Christ

By: Darron Gillion
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online locations:
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About The Book:

Something extraordinary might happen by chance, but something extraordinary will happen when
we determine in our hearts and minds that we will make it happen. Many are in search of who they
are; they have heard so many voices declaring there identity only to find out that they have been
misidentified. We cannot change our world around us if we are lost and trying to find ourselves.
The only one who can tell you who you are, what your purpose is and what your destiny is, is the
one who created and appointed you. Whatever God says is true, so what has God said about me?

This life-changing book shares several principles, scriptures and prayers that help us to know who
we are and who we can become. It will inspire you to take back your identity and walk in the
authority that has been given to us.
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