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CFC Background & Appointment

Community Fellowship Church (CFC) of Boynton Beach, FL was called into existence under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in November of 2004 through our founder and Pastor, Devon W. Smith, with a mandate to impact the world with the love of Jesus Christ, one community at a time

CFC had its humble beginnings as a prayer meeting in Pastor Devon’s living room with Pastor Devon and 2 other families. The meetings were blessed and others began to attend. To accommodate the growth, one of the members offered her garage as a meeting place. The blessings continued and soon after that an opportunity came for them to rent a one unit store-front facility in the Yatchman’s Plaza in Boynton Beach, FL. From there they moved to a 4 unit store-front Worship Center in the same plaza. Currently worshipping at Boynton Beach Intracoastal Park facilities

Over the course of these years, we have seen lives changed, souls saved, the sick healed and the community impacted with the love of Jesus Christ.

This CFC ministry is anointed and appointed to impact people of all ethnicity, culture and race to prepare them for the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. He promised to return to receive His bride “The Church”

We believe we are called for such a time as this and with this realization, there is an urgency to go into all the world to make disciples for Jesus Christ by Preaching & Teaching the inspired Word of God as presented in the Holy Bible and Baptizing believers in the Name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit in obedience to the Great Commission outlined in the book of St Matthew 28:19-20

We welcome your presence and partnership in this great calling so we invite you to come worship with us and be a part of this great work.

You will find in us a group of people

  1. Who love the Lord our God with all our hearts
  2. Actively celebrate His people.
Come Celebrate with Us!!

Devon W. Smith
(Senior Pastor)

Pastor Devon Smith is the Senior Pastor and founder of Community Fellowship Church located in Boynton Beach Fl.

The Pastor accepted the call on his life to plant CFC as a ministry in May of 2005 after hosting a prayer meeting in his house for almost a year.

Pastor Smith has a passion to win souls for the Kingdom and to equip the Saints to be disciples or followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

He would love to have you worshiping at CFC at any of our scheduled services. 

Beverly Murray
(Leader, Deacon Ministry)

Deaconess Beverly is a transplant from New Jersey to the South Florida area and has been attending CFC for many years.

An encourager by nature and very kind hearted, she is always ready to assist whenever she is called upon or as the Lord speaks to her heart. She has a passion for young people and has supported and guided many over the years.

Deaconess Beverly loves the CFC church family and has served in several capacities to the ministry. She is currently the Leader of the Deacon Ministry and also serves with the Communion Ministry when the occasion arises.

Deaconess Beverly has been married to her husband Jack for over 50 years and is mother to their 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

She enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones. 

Kerry Atkins
(Minister, Christian Education)

Minister Kerry joined CFC in June 2018 and has been a faithful and loyal member since then.

Prior to joining CFC, Minister Kerry served for many years as a Minister at A House of Refuge Ministries in Boca Raton where he gained invaluable experience teaching and preaching the Word of God.

Since becoming a member of CFC, Minister Kerry has been extremely involved with the ministry. He oversees the Usher Ministry and works closely with the Media team serving as a mentor and motivator to the young men. He currently serves as the Leader of CFC Christian Education Ministry. In that capacity, he is the Superintendent of the Sunday School Ministry. Additionally, he preaches the Word regularly in our Sunday services.

Minister Kerry is passionate about the Word of God and is an avid learner or disciple of the Word. He enjoys ministering to the Youth and sees it as a part of his calling

He played league football in his early years and lists football as his favorite pastime. He is a loyal fan of the New York Giants. 

Lurline Barrett
(Leader, Social Ministry)

Deaconess Lurline fell in love with CFC church since the first time she visited in September 2010 and has been a faithful member since then.

She believes in blooming where she is planted and so as soon as she became a member at CFC, she poured herself into helping to build the CFC ministry.

Deaconess Lurline served in various ministries including but not limited to: Church Greeter Ministry, Ushering Ministry, Deacon Ministry, Moderating Ministry, Communion Service Ministry and Finance Committee Ministry. She currently serves as the Leader of the Social Ministry and also as the Vice President of the CFC Women’s Ministry

Deaconess Lurline possess a spirit of excellence, everything she does is with perfection in mind. As the Leader of the Social Ministry, she oversees all the social events at CFC including church dinners, luncheons etc. She is a wonderful asset to the CFC Ministry and she is loved by everyone who comes in contact with her.

Her hobbies include: cooking, cricket, soccer, gardening. 

Marjorie McLean
(President, Women’s Ministry)

Marjorie came to CFC as a young Believer and has developed with the ministry over the years.

Marjorie quickly became involved and participated in most of the ministries at CFC including: Sunday School Ministry, Ushering Ministry, Finance Committee Ministry among others. She currently serves as the President of the Women’s Ministry.

Marjorie has a passion to support and encourage women to fulfill their holistic calling as women of God. She believes that women should be effective at providing support and leadership roles in the home, in places of employment and in the church.

Her vision for the CFC Women’s Ministry is to provide an environment that will equip and empower women to join forces to touch lives in ways only a woman can. Her approach to accomplishing this vision is twofold:

  1. Spiritually by studying, living and spreading the Word of God
  2. Economically by teaching life skills that will enable women to minister to other women in the wider community for the Kingdom of God

In her free time, Marjorie enjoys decorating, fashion, traveling and watching basketball. 

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